Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, let's start with the PIGS! I have a zillion PIGS actually 50+ I would say but I really don't want to count them! It would be rather depressing. So Jill is doing a little thing called "The Year Of The Pigs" so the first question that she had for us was "How do you store your PIGS" well....some of mine are in grocery bags and others are not but they are thrown in big plastic totes! I don't really have much storage here so I just have to throw everything in together. And when I need to find one then I have to drag them all out and make a horrible mess. I do plan once we get in the other house to be a lot more organized since I will have a lot more space. So here is a photo of SOME of my totes! One of these in this photo has large yardage pieces in it but the rest are UFO's and PIGS! Now on to the Midgets! Jill also is doing a Midget block quilt along. One block a week and I think that is on Tuesday. I did get mine done last night but just now posting it. This is block #2 and is very tiny. Not sure what I will get done today! I was gone most of the day yesterday with mom. She had her physical therapy and when she got finished she was in a lot of pain. She didn't want to go straight home so she wanted me to just drive around until the pain started to ease off some. So we ended up going to Paintsville to Walmart and Kmart! She has therapy again on Thursday.

Since school was cancelled a week or so before the kids Christmas break and they didn't get to do their Christmas program, they are doing it later today so I will be going for that. I'm not sure but mom may go with me if she feels like it. Richard is gone for the day helping our neighbors get a load of hay down in Lexington.


Libby said...

I know you will be happy to be able to spread out some in the new house! Our house is too small and always looks cluttered! No matter how hard I try! I love love love your midget block!!!

Yvette said...

I had to go see what a PIG was. LOL!!!

Love your little block.

Kate said...

Wow, 50* PIGS. I'm in awe!

jillquilts said...

Great midget!!! And I think that the PIGS are multiplying when they are out of sight! lol