Friday, July 29, 2016

Sarah's Thimble Virginia Beach

 A couple days late but here is the Quilt Shop that I mentioned in my last post.  Sarah's Thimble in Virginia Beach. 
 When I found out that we were going to Virginia Beach the first thing that I did was Google quilt shops in that area.  :)  I mentioned it to Richard and the boys and they happily sat in the car and ate donuts while I was in the shop.  LOL! 
 I great quilt shop with a nice variety of fabrics. 
 Also lots of patterns and notions as well. 
 If you are ever in the area stop by. 


Janet O. said...

Nice of your guys to patiently wait while you visited a quilt shop--I'm sure the donuts helped. : )
Was supposed to be visiting a shop in Oregon today while my hubby and son waited, but here I am at home with our car in the shop. : (

---"Love" said...

That does look like an interesting quilt shop. That's some good kids (+hubby) you have there! ---"Love"