Saturday, July 2, 2016

Binding and Wild Animals

It's been several days since I posted but I've just been busy.  Hunter turned 14 on June 30th but we had his party last Saturday, June 25th since Richard was off work.  Hunter had a great time and it just breaks my heart that my baby is growing up.  

I finished up a few bindings.  Finished my Tumbler binding. 
 This is the backside of that Tumbler quilt.  I absolutely love this panto that I used.
 Here are 2 different customer quilts that I ONLY did the binding on.  When the lady contacted me she said that someone else quilted them for her several years ago and was also supposed to do the binding on them.  Her husband picked them up but didn't look in the bag and the binding had not been done.  So someone else did the quilting but I did the binding on both twin quilts for her. 
 Last night I finished the binding on my Sweet Annie quilt. 
 I think I still have 2 quilts that need the binding done that I quilted a few years ago.  Not sure how I missed the binding on those.  I also have one of the frame that I almost have the quilting done on it and then it will go in the pile for binding.  

We have a pretty good size wild raspberry and blackberry patches here on the farm.  Richard picked some a few days ago and I made a cobbler.  It was absolutely delicious!!!!  Topped with vanilla ice cream.  YUM!
 Last Sunday we had our homecoming service at Church and that is always followed with a big dinner.  Look at this precious pic that was taken of Addison my precious niece. 
 Now I will leave you with the creepy visitor that I had a few nights ago.  He chased me around the house and back in the front door.  In the pic you can see he is coming up on my front porch.  He was even trying to attack my bloodhound, Mammy.
Shew...the things that you see when living out in the woods.  LOL!  Mom and my sister saw a bobcat crossing just a couple hundred feet from my house.  Gotta keep a close eye on my chickens.  Several years ago we had a baby bobcat get in the coop and kill some chickens and then it couldn't get back out so it just curled up in one of the nests and went to sleep.  We found it that next morning sleeping in the nest. 


ruthsplace said...

I'm very envious of your berries! What was the creature on your front porch?

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

A berry cobbler is one of my most favorite desserts! Is that a wild boar? Yikes!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what is the creature - kind of looks like a pig of some sort but not sure - I can't believe the quilter just didn't finally put the binding on herself! must only make the tops huh -- happy birthday to your baby - they do grow up

---"Love" said...

Tell us --- what is that creature? Wish I had a bowl of those berries right now! I like to do my bindings as soon as the quilting is completed. Then I can say "Finished finally" (if the label is on it!). I have a friend who stacks up 8 or 10 and then does the bindings one right after the other. That would tire me out, but it works for her. Obviously is works for you too. Both of you are always turning out lots of quilts! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

You must be good and fast at binding!
Oh, those berries look good. I have small patches of those berries--picked the first raspberries today, but the blackberries are a long way from ripe!
Cute photo of your sweet niece. : )

Me and My Stitches said...

That's a lot of binding! I like sewing down bindings, haven't done any for awhile, so what does that tell you?! No finishes! Your berries look soooo good - we've only had a handful. What is that scary thing on your porch? Yikes!

barbara woods said...

love that quilt

Rhonda said...

I'm just now reading this post. It's nice to hear about your homecoming at church. Country churches are the best. Our little church has one every autumn, with plenty of hugs, laughter and food!!
Take care and watch out for those wild beasties!!!