Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blocks ~9 and 10

Today I got blocks 9 and 10 done. These are blocks for October and December. Yes, I know I jumped around a little bit. I still need to do blocks for August and November.

I finally dug the fabrics out that I will use for those blocks. I don't think I will do anymore blocks tonight, but I may go ahead and cut some of my strips that border the blocks. I think the pattern said I needed 48 strips. These are cut from the scraps left over from my blocks. My goal is to sew the last two blocks tomorrow and get the blocks borders on Friday and get it all sewn together on Saturday. But you know how that will go, nothing ever goes as planned.

Today is my Aunt Deb's 50th birthday. I forgot until I was talking to mom earlier. I tried to call to wish her happy birthday, but she was not home. Maybe I will try again later. Mom will be home on Friday!!!!! I can't wait, I miss her so much when she is gone. She will be home for 28 days. We will have Thanksgiving together but she will have to leave back out a few days before Christmas. That is killing me. I have never spent a Christmas without my Mom. I will make sure Chantal spends Christmas with us, she has never been away from Mom during the Holidays either. She is only 23 and is single so I truly don't want her to be alone. But I know it will be just as hard on Mom. She will be on the boat, with no family only 8 men to cook for. How lonely is that???

The boys go back to school tomorrow and I will miss them. I so enjoy having them home with me. We always enjoy our time together, even though they fight. I actually can't wait for their Christmas break. And during the Winter months they are out of school alot due to the weather.


Jen said...

Ok, now don't cringe...but I think that tree needs some hot fix crystals on it.

Ok, now that you're done cringing, both blocks look great!!!

So, do you want to do a quilt retreat with us this weekend? Only we'll be sewing in different places?

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Ok...now you're just showing off with all those amazing blocks. Crystals? I'm thinking only Jen would recommend that....just kiddin'! Thanks for the compliment on the blue and yellow irish chain...just happy happy happy it's all done!

I made a top with 30's fabrics using the YBR pattern and I loved it. I've yet to quilt it, but I'm thinking about it.

Gina said...

You can alwats do some fancy stitching on the tree to show garlands. Just my input.

It'll be hard for you and your mom around christmas but at least she won't be truly alone.

Love and hugs xxx