Friday, November 30, 2007

Richard's Bad Luck...

Not much new going on here the past couple of days. I've took a short break on sewing, just couldn't get in the mood so I picked up a book. I love reading Historical Romance Novels so I have read 3 in the past 2 days.

Got up at midnight to get Richard up for work. This being Friday and the fact that he had worked long hours all week, he was very tired and wanted to sleep an extra 10 minutes. He leaves the house at 12:30am so this gave him 20 minutes to shower and eat breakfast. I packed his lunch and he was headed out the door. I kissed him and told him to be very careful and not to drive fast. His reply was "I'll have to drive fast to get there by 1am. So he left and I headed in to check on the boys before heading on to bed. I heard his truck coming back. I went out in the driveway in my nightgown, he said he had a flat tire for me to go back in before I froze too death. After a minute I heard him yell, I ran outside just in time to see his truck rolling down the hill!!! I wanted to cry!!!! Not because of his truck, it is an old truck that he drives to work and working around on the farm, but it was headed straight for the sawmill!! It got a few feet from the sawmill and then went to the right. Because of the flat tire it pulled the truck to the right and right in to several trees and a wooden deer blind that they hunt out of. As you can imagine he said every bad word in the English language. He went down there and backed it back up in the driveway, aired the tire up and left for work. It caved in the front fender and the right door. I would take a photo but he just got back home and it is dark outside. But it could have been worse...someone could have gotten hurt, it could have hit the sawmill, or it could have really messed his truck up alot worse than it did. Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep, I was just too nervous. I did finally take a nap around 2pm.

Now we have settled down for the evening. We have a nice fire going in the fireplace, just finished dinner and are getting ready to spend some family time watching movies.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Power Outage!

This is the only sewing that I did yesterday. I already had it quilted so all I needed to to was add the binding. So probably 3 minutes of sewing and I was done.

Mom and I took Ida Belle to the vet this morning. Vet said she was very healthy. She is 8 wks old and weighs 12 1/2 lbs, so she should make a good sized dog. She will be going outside with Fred when she gets a little older. I am not used to having a dog in the house so I have used a ton of air fresheners and cleaners.

Today we had a scheduled power outage in our area so that they could replace some poles. So our electric was off for a few hours. I couldn't sew so I cleaned and reorganized my sewing area. It sure looks alot neater. Afterwards I sat down to read a nice historical romance novel. It is a really good book about the Norse and Scottish. I read about half of the book before Richard and the boys got home. I will probably try to finish it tonight.

My mom got some really great news today. I really can't say much about it yet but I can in a few more days. But I have been so HAPPY all day. She is really excited too! It is a GREAT thing.

I guess that is about all for today. The boys are fighting, as usual so I had better get off of here and make them stop before they drive me crazy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Guild Meeting Monday

I got a little more done on my "Jewel Box" quilt. I have two more blocks finished that I haven't sewn on to this part yet. I have been sewing them into blocks of 4's and then sewing them together. It seems much easier that way. I still have more cutting to do. I am still cutting from my scrap bag and haven't used any of my yardage fabrics yet. I'm hoping to just use up my scrap bag on this.

Oh and here is a quick photo of Hunter during his fiddle practice this evening. Andrew was sitting there beside him playing his guitar, but you know how 14 yr old boys are, they don't want their photo taken. I'll have to sneak and take a photo of him when he is not expecting it.

This morning was our Guild meeting. It was very interesting. Our Christmas Party is scheduled for the 17th. Instead of exchanging names we are each bringing a gift and drawing numbers to see who gets each gift. Our limit is $15 so I will have to go shopping :)

We also learned how to make a "ruched flower" It is very different from what I am used to. We made a practice flower today and I would show you all but it really doesn't look that good. We are doing a block challange using this method. They also gave us some challange fabric that has to be used. The fabric is WAY out of "Comfy Zone" It is a dark purple with metallic gold lines going everywhere. Anyway, I guess within the next few days I will be practicing making these. I may have my hair pulled out before it is over with. We don't HAVE to make the blocks for the block challange, but I do think I will try.

Don't think I will sew alot tonight, I will probably be cutting more pieces.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday's Sewing Progress

A little more sewing this afternoon. This is another photo of the first block.
And here is 4 blocks sewn together. This section is only 24 inches square. Not very big yet. I still don't have enough pieces cut, but I have a good sized pile and will cut more as needed. I get tired of cutting and don't want to cut more than I need.
I also have a plan to use the pieces that I cut the wrong size. I will work on that along the way also. Tomorrow morning is my Guild Meeting. We are making a tote bag, but I don't think I will make it, I'll probably just go in and sit around with them. Not everyone makes the projects so I'm sure I won't be the only one. We are also drawing names for Christmas tomorrow. That will be hard for me since I don't really know any of them that well. But then again a quilter should be able to buy a gift for a fellow quilter.
I will probably work a little more on my quilt tonight. The boys have to get in the bed early since they have school tomorrow. Hunter is already throwing a fit not wanting to go.

Block One Of My Jewel Box

Finally after tons of extra cutting I got my first block sewn together. As you can see I am doing a very scrapy look. So far I have not cut any out of my yardage fabrics it is all out of my bag of small scraps. I still need to press this block that is why it looks a little funny.

Not sure what size this will end up, right now I am thinking lap or twin. The first one that I made was a queen size. The block in the photo measures 12 1/2 inches so there are a bunch of little pieces in it.

Right now I am going to straighten the house up and will probably do more sewing this evening. Have to get up early in the morning to take Ida Belle to the vet for her shots.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don't you just hate when...

Don't you just hate when you screw up? I had plans on setting here and cutting out my new quilt. So I cut and cut and cut. I had used this exact same pattern before so I knew there was no reason to sew a sample block. I had a BIG stack of blocks cut and went over to the sewing machine to sew a couple of blocks together when I found out that I had cut some of the blocks the wrong size! :( I cut the sqaures 2 1/2 when they needed to be 2 inches!!! I could scream!!!! I do have a pile of 2 inch blocks already cut somewhere, I will have to dig them out! I will save the 2 1/2 inch blocks that I cut I'm sure I will need them for another quilt. Oh well, I guess this happens when you just don't pay attention to what you are doing!

Cutting Plans For Tonight

I haven't had time to sew today...yet, but I will. Got up around 7:30am to a very heavy frost outside and it was only 18 degrees. Fall and Winter are my very favorite times of the year. Since we live out in the woods we get snowed in alot. I love when we get snowed in together. I always make sure the freezer and cabinets are stocked well. We get to spend alot of special family time then too. Sometimes if we get a heavy snow the electricity will go off and sometimes for several days. When that happens I take my food from the freezer and bury it in the snow. That may sound odd to some people but it works.

I spent the morning shopping. Ran to Walmart for a few groceries and puppy supplies. Then had to stop by the auto parts store for oil and oil filters. When I got back home Richard changed the oil in my car, his truck and the sawmill. I jumped in cleaned the house and I have dinner on now. Just fixing a quick chicken stirfry then we will settle in for the evening. We rented some movies to watch tonight and while we are watching those I plan on cutting out pieces for a new quilt.

Earlier today I picked out fabrics from my stash for a new quilt. I am going to start working on a "Jewel Box" I made one several years ago and I loved it. I am using assorted scraps and colors. I plan on mostly cutting tonight and sewing on it tomorrow. But I know I will have to try out a few tonight just to see how it will look. I already have my fabrics and cutting mat on the coffee table waiting for everyone else to come and settle down. Hunter is in his room watching TMNT, Andrew is at his dad's tonight and Richard is down at the sawmill.

I called mom today on her cell phone when I got back home. I asked her what she was doing and she replied "Buying a car, I think" Talk about shocked, I was. She and Chantal were out test driving a new Chevy Impala. She has been wanting a new car for a while but last she mentioned anything about it she said she was going to wait until Spring. Oh well, I hope she gets it. They already approved her for it now all she has to do is decide which one she wants.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Newest Member Of The Family

Here is our newest little member. Her name is "Ida Belle" She is a 7 week old Black Lab and German Shepard mixed. We just picked her up this evening. As soon as she gets a little older she will go outside with Fred the Bassetthound.

Mom and I got up this morning at 3:30am and headed to Walmart. I know that was probably dumb. But we try to do it every year and also the day after Christmas. Anyway we got there around 4:30am and tried to make our way through the store. We ended up getting most of what we went after. We waited in the checkout for almost an hour. Afterwards we ran through the drive-thru at Hardee's and on home. I got back home before anyone even got up out of bed. We had a nice time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Potholder Project

Today has been a long slow day. Had to run in to town this morning to do some last minute shopping. Both boys are home today on Thanksgiving break. They have been fighting ALL day. I have been ready to pull my hair out. Trying to get them to clean their room has just about done me in.

I cleaned the house up today even though we are having dinner at mom's tomorrow. I guess sometimes you just have to break down and clean your own mess up. I rented some movies while in town and I guess we will watch those as I do some cooking. I don't have a whole lot to do. I think I am making Mississippi Mud Cake, Pea Salad, Banana Pudding and Cherry Cheesecake. I think those are the only things that Mom trusts me with. :)

I did make these two potholders today. I have another bowtie one quilted I still need to add the binding on it. I thought I would make a few for myself and some as gifts.

These two are made from leftover blocks from other projects. They measure 8 inches. I have a ton of extra blocks in the closet that I will have to dig out to make more. They are very quick and easy to sew together.

Have a great Thanksgiving! -

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heavy Hips Harvey

This is what I made today. His name is Heavy Hips Harvey. Just think if I had put arms on him he would look like Patrick from Spongebob. I was looking through some of my patterns and books today and ran on to the pattern, so I decided to make him. He is only 9 inches tall and you can't really tell it in the photo but his hat bill sticks out. Oh well, I guess he is something different.

Here is my finished tablerunner. I ended up sewing the binding on last night. Got up this morning an cut the threads and took out the basting tacks. It looks terrible in the photo, but I promise it doesn't look that bad. The green is actually a moss colored cotton.

I am thinking about making another tablerunner for the coffee table. I think I may use the block patterns for my cowboy quilt. Like maybe one hat and a pair of boots. I know I hate making those boots, but maybe two wouldn't be too bad. I guess I will just wait and see. Don't know how much sewing I will get done in the next few days. I will help mom tomorrow start cooking for Thanksgiving. We will be having Thanksgiving Dinner at her house as we always do. But this year we will have to make it special since she will be gone on Christmas. After dinner at mom's we will go to Richard's Grandmothers house. His family usually meets in there in the evening.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My new Tablerunner

Well I had a long morning at the doctor's office. I just hate sitting there waiting. I took a book to read while I waited. I finally got back home around noon. Then I quickly cleaned the house and started my tablerunner. I got it sewn together pretty quickly and then basted it. Took a short break and started quilting it.
I finally got that done right as the boys were getting off the school bus. I have the binding cut, I just need to sew it on. Maybe I will get that done tomorrow. This photo is not a good one, I made it too small, but it turned out okay. I'm just not sure where I will use it, maybe I'll give it as a gift.

Not really sure what I will work on next. But before I start any major project, I need to sew my borders on to my cowboy quilt. I've been looking through my patterns and books but nothing really pops out at me. I'll find something.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little bit of sewing

Okay no new photos today, but I did sew...a little. I got my last row sewn on my cowboy quilt, but still haven't added the border yet. Hopefully, that will get done one day this week. I also decided to make a new tablerunner. I joined NancyRose's Yahoo group so I decided to make that one. I really don't have any Christmas fabric so I just dug something out of my stash that I could use. But I haven't started cutting it out yet. I guess I will start that tomorrow. It is an Ohio Star block with a few borders. I'll adjust the pattern for my table size. I wanted to start on it this evening, but I just didn't seem to have the energy. I have tons of projects that I want to work on, but don't have the energy. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Well, maybe tomorrow won't be better. I have two doctors appointments in the morning. One is for my thyroid and the other is my wonderful and exciting yearly exam. Don't you just hate those. And that doctor's office is soooooo slow. I hate going over there and sitting half the morning.

My brother's ex-mother-in-law died yesterday. They said that Thursday, Tammy (my ex-sister-in-law) found her in the floor. Tammy said she couldn't get up and was bleeding from her ears. She asked her what happened and her mom said that she fell. Tammy said that she was carrying a load of clothes in the basket down the stairs and fell down eleven steps and hit her head on a table. By the time she got to the hospital she was braindead. They had her at the funeral home today, my mom, sister, and my brother went for visitation. Mom said that Shane, my nephew was in really bad shape, he is taking it very hard. John and Tammy have been divorced for years and both have remarried, but Tammy, her new husband and Shane all lived with her parents. So Shane was very close to her. I guess that just goes to show that a person never knows from day to day what will happen.

I guess that is about all that I have to talk about tonight. Hopefully, I will get a couple of sewing days in this week before we have to start cooking for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally, they are done!

They are done! My last 5 blocks! Now I just have to sew them onto the quilt and add the borders. I think I will wait and sew the borders on tomorrow. I am sooooo tired.

I got these blocks done while we were watching tv. We rented a few movies. It has been a nice evening. We had a fire going in the fireplace, watched 3 movies, and I got my blocks done. We rented....Bambi II, Gods and Generals, and Ghost Riders. Ghost Rider is in now. Oh and I took a break from sewing and made some Funnel Cakes. They were really good, but everytime I get out the powdered sugar, I end up having it all over the kitchen.
Well, I guess that is about all for tonight. I am off to take a me a long, hot, soaking bath, my back is hurting.

Plans for a new Quilt Frame

This has been a very non-productive day. I did get my last blocks cut out for my remaining 5 blocks. Hopefully I will get them sewn together tonight. I can't wait to get the top finished. Richard and the boys love it and I took it out to Mom's the other night and she loved it as well, but she agreed with me that it needed another row.

I have been looking through my books and magazines trying to find something to start next. I know I have several that I need to finish, but I really want to work on something new. Within the next few weeks I hope to get some of my baby quilts quilted. Since they are small I can get those done on my machine.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at some quilt frames on the web and if you really know me you will know that I am very CHEAP. So my plan was when we get the new house finished I will be buying a home quilter. Anyway I was complaining about the prices and Richard said..."Baby, if I had a pattern for one I would just build you one" Well, that was the wrong thing to say to me because I found a pattern and it cost me $20. I looked it over and compared it to the other frames and it has what I will need, so I was very happy! Richard, I'm sure wishes he had not opened his mouth. The pattern is for 10', 12', and 14' frames. It even has a price list with it and everything can be bought at your local hardware store, Lowes, or Home Depot. I added it up and his cost for making it was less than $220. With us having a sawmill and using our own lumber it will cost us around $130. I think that is great! So the more that I save on my frame, the more I can spend on a new machine! Which I do want to make sure that I don't skip on any special features that I will need on my frame.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still working on IT.

I have GOOD news and BAD news. The good news is...I got my last 3 cowboy boots finished today and all of the blocks sewn together. I had planned on making 25 blocks, add a border and be done with it.

Here it is all sewn together.

Now the bad news's just not big enough for the bed. I will need to add another row and then the borders. So I will need 2 more hats and 3 more boots. Have I mentioned that I HATE making the boots? :o) But I really won't be satisified with it unless I add another row. So hopefully I will get the last 5 blocks and add the borders on this weekend.

Went to school and had Thanksgiving Dinner (lunch) with Hunter today. We had a great time. There was a little girl that sat with us, she writes Hunter "Love Notes" all the time, she kept telling him she was going to marry him. It was so funny! Andrew is in the 9th grade and they were having their Thanksgiving Dinner there today too, but of course, Mommy can't go eat with him. He would have died if I showed up for lunch with him. I guess, when you are 14 Mommy's aren't very cool.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Only 3 more to go!!!

Today I did 2 cowboy boots, now I just need 3 more and I will be finished. I should be able to do 3 in one day. Then I will have to work on color placement. Sew them all together and add borders.

I'm not sure if I will get them done tomorrow or not. I have to go to Hunter's school for his Thanksgiving dinner. Mom is going with me too. They are serving Turkey and Ham for lunch and we get to eat with our children. He is very excited about it.

Richard did not work today. He built a small garage/shed to park our new riding mower under. He built it on the back of our other outbuilding. It is big enough for the riding and push mowers, the tiller, and a few other smaller things.

Wish me luck on my blocks tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 More Cowboy Boots Today

I slept in this morning, I got a late start, but I think I still accomplished quite a bit on my quilting. My goal was to do 2 cowboy boots a day until I got the nine remaining boots finished. But today I actually did 4!! Now I only have 5 more to go!!!

I can't wait to get these boots finished. They are not hard, I just hate doing them. Richard thinks I should make a wallhanging with this pattern too. I might be able to handle that since I would probably only have to make 2 boots. The hats are fine, they go together very quick.

Trying to decide on what to work on after I get this top together. I know I have several that need to be quilted but I plan on getting a quilter in the NEAR future, so I will quilt them then. I have a ton of tops that need to be finished, but sometimes you just are not in the mood to work on UFO's. I have two tops, YBR and my Month by Month Sampler, that need to have borders added. If I get to go shopping this weekend, I will buy fabric for those.

Sandy, the guild president, called me this afternoon. I missed our BOM meeting yesterday and she was concerned. I actually forgot about it. I don't think she was that concerned, I think she was just bored. We talked about everything which was nice. Our next meeting in two weeks, we are making a tote bag. I will go to the meeting but I'm not sure if I will make the tote or not. I just made one a few months ago, but I will probably just go and help out. We will also be drawing names for Christmas at that meeting. The price range is around $15. Not sure what I will buy but I do think that I will make a set of coasters to throw in the bag. And my plans are to make a fabric gift bag. I have that pattern somewhere, I need to dig it out.

Wish me luck on my blocks for tomorrow...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cowboy Quilt Progress

This afternoon I decided I would start working again on my "Cowboy Quilt" I started this quilt back in August and did around half of it and put it to the side to work on other projects. The plan is that this quilt will have 25 blocks, 13 hats and 12 boots. I already have all of the hats finished. But the boots are what I need to finish.

Here is a close-up photo of one of the hats...

And here are all of my hats. I plan on alternating the blocks.

And here is a close-up photo of the only boot that I had finished. They are not hard, just time consuming. I think it is because of the fussy cut centers in the boots.
So today, I finished cutting out the rest of the boots. I needed 11 more since I already had one done. I cut all of the boots except for the fussy cut squares in the center. I think I will do those as I go. I HATE fussy cutting, but I think it makes these blocks look better.

Finally tonight, I got these two boot blocks sewn together.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get at least 2 more boots done. I would love to get this top finished. Richard and both boys are already fighting over it. I told them they would just have to fight because this is the only one of these quilts that I will do. It's not hard, it just seems to take so long to do the boots. Maybe I'm just lazy...
I spent the morning with mom. We drove in to Wal-mart just to look at their Christmas decorations. Believe it or not, but we came out with nothing. We were just spending time together. I had a great time with her.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Month By Month ~ Quilt Top

I got my top sewn together except for the borders and I have to buy them. I have a couple of tops that I need to buy border fabric for I will probably get that next weekend. Anyway, the pattern called for assorted colored strips around the blocks and I started putting them on and didn't really like that so I decided to try solid sashings and I didn't like that either. So in the end, I just put all of my blocks together and now I will just add a simple border.

This pattern is called, "Month By Month" it is a Thimbleberries pattern.

Now, I will try to decide on what to work on next. But right now I need to clean up my sewing table. It is a MESS!!!

Block ~12

It's been a long weekend. Not alot happened on Friday evening, just spent some time with mom and then back home with Richard and the boys. Saturday morning, Richard fixed my car and I just layed around the house. Saturday evening we went to a Hogroast at one of Richard's friends house. My sister and one of her friends went with us, mostly to keep me company. I do not drink, but I do drive Richard to these things once in a while. He works so much and I don't think that it will hurt for him to break loose everyonce in a while on a weekend. There were several there but only around 5 of us that were not drinking. I didn't think I would ever get him to leave. He kept singing and singing and singing and nobody wanted him to leave. It is like that every year when we go there.

Mom watched Hunter and took Andrew to a school dance for me. I very seldom leave the boys anywhere, but I just didn't want to have them around that. Hunter and mom had a blast and Andrew seemed to have fun at the dance. I think she was glad to have the time with them since she has been gone for a month.

I finally finished my last block for my sampler quilt. This is the November block. I didn't exactly do them all in order, but that doesn't matter, they are all done. Now all I have to do is border each block with assorted strips. I still have to cut them from the fabric left over.

Hopefully I will get to cut some of my strips tonight. I think I have to cut 48 strips. Then get them all sewn together. Not really sure what I will work on when I get this top finished. I may try to get some of my smaller things quilted.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall foilage

When Richard got home from work this evening he took a ride on Bullet. I wanted him to take some photos of the Fall colors before all of the leaves fell off. These are some photos of his ride on "Top Of The World" this is about 1 mile out on the trail. There are no roads back to this area just a horse trail. This is our little piece of Heaven on earth.

And of course, this is Richard on Bullet. This is our stud horse as you can see he is a very proud horse.

It has been a very long day. Chantal always takes Andrew to school for me on her way to work, since she works right across the road from his school. She was running late this morning and called because she had a flat tire. I had to go in to town today anyway so I picked her up and we rushed to school and then I dropped her off at work. My car started overheating and I didn't know if I would make it back home or not. I had to pull off to the side of the road just every little bit to let it cool down. Finally the 20 minute trip home ended up being an hour. Got home and couldn't find my house keys. I had to go to Richard's tool building and get a screwdriver and pry the lock on the back door. At last I was home!!!!!! By the time I got home and in the house I was soooooooo nervous I didn't do anything but just sit there on the couch. Richard is going to fix my car in the morning. He said the water pump went out on it.

Mom is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked out there this evening to see her for just a few minutes. I didn't want to stay too long, I know she is very tired and needs some down time. When I got out there she was just getting home and was unloading her luggage out of the car. I will go back out there tomorrow to spend so more time with her.

Hopefully, I will get my quilt top finished sometime this weekend.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Block ~11

I think all of my sewing yesterday just tuckered me out! I haven't really accomplished anything today. I piddled around the house all day, sat on the couch and stared out the window watching the horses. I was lazy and just fixed deer burgers for dinner. Around 3:30pm I decided to get off my rump and sew. I finally got the August block finished. Now I only have ONE more block to go and then I have to add borders to all 12 blocks.

This is probably the only block that I will do today. Chantal and I have to take mom's car down tonight and leave it for her. She will be coming home tomorrow, sometime. I talked to her earlier and she said she wasn't sure what time they would dock. For those of you that are new to reading my blog, my mom is a cook on a tugboat. She is on the boat 28 days at a time and then home for 28 days. They push coal, gasoline, and other stuff up and down the riverways.

I have my tops that I have finished packed and ready to take to show her when she gets home. Then I guess I will let her rest up for a few days and then we will start making our list for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hubby got a new toy!

I am still trying to rest up from my sewing marathon this morning. Fixed dinner and started to cut out another block for my sampler, but I just didn't have the energy.

Hubby came home from work today with a NEW riding lawn mower! He unloaded it out of his truck up at the top of the driveway and started it up. I didn't have clue as to what he was doing or what he had. It has a 20hp motor so it should be pretty nice. I know right now we don't need to cut the grass this time of year, but he bought it on a end of season sale. Of course, he acts like a little kid at Christmas!

Oh well, he works hard so I guess he deserves it. And here I was pondering last night about buying a new sewing machine. But just couldn't make myself pay that much for a new one, just yet....

Can I do it???....Yes, I can!!!

This morning started like every other morning. Got the boys off to school and sat down to check my email while eating breakfast. I had an email from Jen. See I have been wanting to make a Yellow Brick Road quilt for a while now, but seems like I keep putting it off. So her email read...


you could whip out a Yellow Brick Road lap size in a day with borders on it even right? Oh so perfect to branch into a larger size to practice stippling!!
Challenge...... Giggle, Giggle, Giggle.

So I read it and thought....Hmmmmmm....... I went on outside to feed the horses and decided "Heck, I can do that, I think!!!" Finished feeding and back in the house I went. I dug out my greens and started cutting. I had all of it cut out and the blocks sewn together by noon. Took a break and then had my rows sewn together by 1:30pm. There are 42 blocks in it. And I would have had the border on it but I need to buy fabric for it. I didn't have enough to do the border.

Oh, if you look in the background of the photo you can see Ole Jim.

Anyway, thanks Jen for the challenge. I think sometimes we all need to have someone light a fire under our butts to get us going.

I'm tired and no more sewing for me today. I need to clean my house now.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blocks ~9 and 10

Today I got blocks 9 and 10 done. These are blocks for October and December. Yes, I know I jumped around a little bit. I still need to do blocks for August and November.

I finally dug the fabrics out that I will use for those blocks. I don't think I will do anymore blocks tonight, but I may go ahead and cut some of my strips that border the blocks. I think the pattern said I needed 48 strips. These are cut from the scraps left over from my blocks. My goal is to sew the last two blocks tomorrow and get the blocks borders on Friday and get it all sewn together on Saturday. But you know how that will go, nothing ever goes as planned.

Today is my Aunt Deb's 50th birthday. I forgot until I was talking to mom earlier. I tried to call to wish her happy birthday, but she was not home. Maybe I will try again later. Mom will be home on Friday!!!!! I can't wait, I miss her so much when she is gone. She will be home for 28 days. We will have Thanksgiving together but she will have to leave back out a few days before Christmas. That is killing me. I have never spent a Christmas without my Mom. I will make sure Chantal spends Christmas with us, she has never been away from Mom during the Holidays either. She is only 23 and is single so I truly don't want her to be alone. But I know it will be just as hard on Mom. She will be on the boat, with no family only 8 men to cook for. How lonely is that???

The boys go back to school tomorrow and I will miss them. I so enjoy having them home with me. We always enjoy our time together, even though they fight. I actually can't wait for their Christmas break. And during the Winter months they are out of school alot due to the weather.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Block ~8

Here is Block ~8. This is actually the block for September. I had to do it first, because the fabric for the August block is in the bedroom and Richard is in there asleep. Only 4 more to go!!!!

Today was Richard's first day back to work since being sick. And it was a very long day for him. He worked 18 hours today. He was so tired when he got home. He ate quickly, took his meds and off to bed he went. He will be getting back up at midnight to go again.

I will make sure I get the fabric that I need out of the bedroom tomorrow before he gets home and goes to bed. I spent most of having "special time" with my boys, they are out of school today and tomorrow. And I also cleaned the house. I did some much needed cleaning, like dusting cobwebs. Seems like those things appear faster than I can get them down.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I can get a couple more blocks finished.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Block ~7

I just finished Block 7 ~July. So I am back to working on my Sampler. Five more blocks to go and I will be ready to do the sashings.
Well, I don't know if you would exactly call the sashings, but each block is bordered with different color scrap strips. Not sure if I will do anymore tonight or not. Richard is in bed and most of my fabric is in the bedroom, so I will have to look to see if I have anything in here that I can use for my next block.

A Productive Sunday

This has been a very productive day. Got up this morning fixed a big breakfast of fresh bacon and sausage (that we made), eggs, homemade biscuits, and gravy. While I made this very unhealthy breakfast Richard and Andrew fed the animals. We worked a little more on the house and finished all of the double plates. Now we are ready to put the beams up for the second story. While we were doing this Hunter pulled his wagon around in the yard. He probably made fifty trips around the yard. After we worked on the house, Richard still sick but feeling restless, went outside to his tool building and piddled around. So I took advantage of that and sewed! I got the borders on my Carpenter's Star. Before I added the borders is was 50x50 which would be fine for a baby quilt, but I wanted it a little bigger. So now with the borders it measures 64x64. I got the binding cutbut not ironed. I will iron if when I get ready to put it on. I still have to buy some batting and then I will quilt it. I will be using the cream print for the backing.
Planet Patchwork finally posted their November BOM pattern for the Celestial Migraine quilt. As usual it called for 2 of the same blocks. I can't wait to get this quilt finished. Even though it is in such bright colors, I really like how it is turning out.
I also did my November blocks for the Claudia's Quilt Shoppe BOM. This is only the second set of blocks. This month called for 4-8in four patch blocks. Very quick to do. So far I am caught up on all of my BOM's except for the Santa BOM that we are doing in Quilt Guild.

Now that I have all of these done I will start back on my Month by Month sampler. I have six out of twelve blocks done on it. I wanted to have it done by the weekend but I got a little sidetracked as usual. I was going through some of my fabric and found the pinks and green and decided to make the Carpenter's Star with it.
Richard will be going back to work tomorrow and the boys don't have school for the next two days.