Saturday, January 6, 2018

12 More Blocks...

 My day got off to a slow start but I did finally get some sewing done yesterday.  I got 12 more string blocks sewn for a total of 35 blocks.  Like I mentioned before, I don't even know how many blocks that I am shooting for at this point.  I will just sew until I get tired of looking at them. :)  Here they are all laid out in no particular order. 
 These blocks will finish at 7"
 My string bin doesn't seem to be going down much.  As you can see I have a mess in the floor too.  :)
 A pic of my floor.  :)  I really need to get the borders sewn on the other quilt so that I can get it up out of the floor.  I also still have my Churn Dash quilt on the cutting table where I was pinning borders on.  I need to work on borders today because I am getting ahead of myself. 
 I had a busy day just getting odd-and-end things done so when Andrew got home from work this evening I had him to watch my pressure canner so that I could get some sewing done.  LOL!  I had 7 quarts of pinto beans in the canner and you know you just can't walk away too far from it. 

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Gretchen Weaver said...

The string blocks are looking great. Hopefully this is a project you can work on for yourself in between quilting customer quilts this year. Have a great week!