Thursday, January 18, 2018

Taking Inventory...

 No sewing for me yesterday but I did do some inventory!  I started digging to see how many tops that I had of my own that needed quilted.  I wanted to get them all measured and written down on a list.  I hope to work on these between customer quilts.  
 In the end, I found that I have 35 quilt tops in need of quilting.  In my defense, 7 of those are small baby quilts.  So my goal for the year is to quilt at least 15 of my own.  If you remember I've already quilted 2 of mine so I only have 13 more to go.  :)  

I paired 2 of them with batting and now I need to dig around to see if I can find some backings for some of them. 
 I think my huge bow tie quilt is my favorite of the bunch.  I can't wait to quilt that one. 
 I also found a Jacob's Ladder that was all wrinkled and still needed the borders sewn on.  I left that one out to press and attach the border.  
 I actually thought that I had well over 35 quilt tops so this is good.  I'm sure throughout the year that I will piece more tops and get some of these quilted.  I'll be honest...most of these are older tops that I really don't like.  LOL!  Some are probably close to 20 years old.  I also saw that some had some spots on them.  I'll quilt and wash them.  If the spots don't come out then I will just use them anyway for my everyday quilts.  :)


Panto Pam said...

Wow! That's a lot of sewing there! Can't wait to see them loaded on your longarm. I started a bowtie quilt while waiting for Bonnie's mystery to start and can't wait to get back to it. Using a cheddar background. Now I want to make another like yours with scrappy backgrounds. :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

35 is a lot of quilt tops! when you make tops do you make them with the intention of keeping them or giving them away? I'm just curious, usually I make mine with the intention of keeping them until I feel like giving them away or someone wants to buy one. I love the bowtie quilt - I made one some years ago and sold it - I might need to make another LOL Reading so many this beginning of the year giving a tally of how many quilt tops they have to quilt or finish really makes me feel good about my 7 in progress and the 4 more waiting in line to be quilted

---"Love" said...

Sounds like you love to piece almost more than you love to quilt; that's my problem! Your bow tie quilt is very pretty. Hope you find a batting sale somewhere soon if you plan to get all those tops quilted this year! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

Hey, but isn't that an improvement, Kristie? Didn't you once have 70-something tops to be quilted, or do I have the wrong blogger?
But I am not surprised that you have so many tops because it seems you are always finishing up some great top or another!
Wish you well with your goal. You are definitely off to a great start!

Danette said...

I think that's kind of a nice goal to have - quilting 15 quilt tops. I understand about not liking some, also. I have a couple quilt tops sitting in my closet that I do not like. So, I guess, I always move on to doing something more that I like.