Saturday, January 13, 2018


Playing around with a new block!  Last night I really didn't want to work on my string blocks so I pieced a scrappy Pineapple block.  Basically I just wanted to see if this might be a future project. 
This is a 10" block.  I was pleased with how it turned out and I am thinking that it may be a future project.  :)
I used the large Pineapple Trim Tool by Creative Grids.  I love how easy this block was made by using this. 
 Back before Christmas I tried the trim tool out by making this table runner. 
 I want to make a blue and white pineapple quilt but I think first that I will probably end up piecing a scrappy one because that's what I have on hand.  

I had not posted for a few days because we were busy getting things ready here on the farm for the latest winter storm.  Busy getting the animals ready, firewood in, making sure the animal water sources have heaters in them to keep them know just busy farm stuff.  Also making sure all of the laundry and dishes are done in case the power goes out.  LOL!  We got a ton of rain yesterday to the point that it was just standing in my yard.  Overnight that froze solid and then we got more ice and a little snow over that.  I hate ICE.  :(  Not much snow at all at this point but with the ice underneath it's just slick.  Richard is on his way to work as we speak and Andrew ended up staying at the office last night.  

Today will be spent doing my normal housewife stuff and hopefully I can get some sewing in later in the day, but as of right now I plan on taking a little nap after I hear from Richard.  I want to make sure he makes it safely to work.  It's 6am on a Saturday so I think I am allowed to go back to bed for a bit....right?  :)

Oh before I leave...yesterday morning mom, Chantal, my brother John and I met in town to have breakfast together.  While having our breakfast the local bank was robbed about 1/2 a mile away.  The schools were on lockdown while they were on the lookout for him.  They caught his shortly afterwards.  He was a 61 yr old man that I did not know.  Richard's niece works at the bank.  She was pretty shook up but they did end up sending all of the employees home for the rest of the day. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

busy day before the storms hit and then you got hit with all the rain, ice and snow and now more to come? I hadn't watched the news closely although we did miss all the rain and sleet that happened on Thursday in Arkansas - we are going to get blasted with all the cold weather now for a week I guess although daytimes shouldn't be too bad. Take care of yourself and be careful outside when caring for the animals. Glad you have a wood heat source encase you loose power.
The pineapple block is great haven't done one for a long time.

Panto Pam said...

I am in Middle TN and we got rain and ice and frozen over also. Would have rather had the snow. I LOVE your pineapple blocks. I have a stack that I need to get back to that I'm making from 30's scraps and the same ruler. Can't wait to see you show more blocks!

---"Love" said...

Love your pineapple block! I need to check out that ruler and try that block. Stay safe; ice scares me terribly. We're being told we may get a bit of ice on Monday; I hope not! I worry about my sons and their families who have to go to work! Stay warm and inside as much as possible. Glad you have a water heater for the animals! ---"Love"

lil red hen said...

I have enjoyed seeing your scrappy string blocks so much! I do a lot of scrappy blocks and the strings never seem to diminish. If you're familiar with the Bible story of the widow whose cruse of oil never ran out, then you know how I feel about the strings. lol I have a scrappy pineapple top, all set together waiting for its borders. I'm not familiar with the tool you used to make your blocks; I paper pieced my six inch blocks.

Janet O. said...

Love the scrappy pineapples!
Ice is the worst! Even we had freezing rain this week, and that is not common around here. I know of several people that fell on it and were hurt. Hope you were all safe.
And a bank robbery, too? Nothing dull in your neck of the woods, Kristie! Glad no one was hurt in that episode.

Tammy said...

Love your pineapple block! Scrappy colors are great! Bank Robbery? Ack! Glad everyone is okay. And stay off the ice. I hate that too! We had an ice storm here in Washington State a couple weeks ago. Terrible!