Thursday, January 25, 2018

Piecing right along...

 Well, I really didn't mean to work on this but I have been. :) 
 I've been busy the past few days doing other things and the few minutes that I am getting in the sewing room I have been sewing these 2" squares together. 
 I now have 9 of these blocks.  Each block has 64 squares in it.  So far that is 576 of these 2" squares.  I sure hope that I don't run out of scraps before I get all of these scrap quilts finished.  LOL!  
 I've just been busy doing farm things and things in the know....just being a housewife.  :)  Yesterday I also canned 7 quarts of chili for Andrew.  He likes to take them to work and splits a quart for lunch and finishes it up for dinner.  He works long hours.  

Richard is off today so we are heading out this morning to buy him another pair of work shoes.  He is a nurse and on his feet 12 hours a day, 6 days a week so his shoes breakdown pretty fast.  So off we go to do that in a few minutes.  Actually, we are having our coffee and I still need to finish getting ready.  He is off today but works the rest of the weekend.  

Sadly we lost our dear friend and eldest deacon of our church.  We live in such a small rural area that everyone knows everyone and has for generations back.  Uncle June as everyone called him had a stroke on his 96th birthday.  :(  The man still drove his car almost everyday and lived on his own.  He was also a WWII vet, mason and a whole list of things.  He was such a wonderful man.  His visitation is Saturday evening and the funeral is on Sunday.  

Sorry this post isn't that interesting but it's just my life.  LOL!  I do have lots of sewing goodness coming up.  I have a couple of my quilts coming up that will be on the longarm, more customer quilts being quilted and also some custom customer quilts that I need to make.  


Donna said...

I like to read about other people’s lives; yours is so different from my own! It is interesting to me!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like reading "this is my life" such as it is for most of us, we cook, we clean, we take care of our families and we quilt in the moments in between!

---"Love" said...

Reading about your life and seeing pictures of the area where you live is very interesting. Seems like your little town people are very close, much like where I grew up. Even though I and many of my childhood friends have moved short distances away, we still get together and stay close by phone and social media. Never forget your friends you are making where you live! As you age, they become more important, as I'm sure your 96 year old friend would tell you! One more thing: I'm loving that quilt more with every block! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

I enjoy the glimpses into your life, Kristie. Makes you feel like a friend down the road. :)
Sorry to hear about the deacon's passing. Sounds like he'd had a rich life!
I love scrap quilts like this. Always tell myself I am going to make one, but so far it hasn't magically appeared on my design wall. Imagine that!