Sunday, January 14, 2018

Totally Unexpected...

 This was totally unexpected!  LOL!  I quilted one of MY OWN quilt tops today!  :) 
 I can't tell you how long it has been since I have quilted one of my own.  It felt great!
 This pattern is called, Road to Jericho.  It is a nice size lap quilt measuring 62x76.  Looking back on my blog I pieced it September 2012.  I was digging around today and found it with the backing so I loaded it on the longarm. 
 I did a fairly dense stipple on it.  I remember piecing this quilt and I was trying to clean out some of my scrap basket.  I was using up some of the fabrics that I wanted to move out of my stash.  I don't usually work with fabrics so bright but it was fun!
 I quilted it with white Glide thread and used a white backing.  I quilted this today when I should have loaded that HUGE t-shirt quilt on the frame instead.  LOL!  I am such a procrastinator.  :)
 Richard has to work today and Andrew stayed elsewhere due to the bad weather.  Hunter and I will not be going to Church this morning because I will not drive off this big hill with the snow/ice.  So we will be hanging out here at the house keeping the fire going.  

Not sure what I will get done as far as quilting goes today but I need to load that t-shirt quilt on.  Sadly I found another one of my quilt tops that I have a backing for that I would like to do.  LOL!

I have some comments that I would like to respond to but they are "no reply" so I can't email or message you back.  :(  

LOVE....thank you for all of your wonderful comments to my blog.  You commented about my pineapple ruler.  You must get one.  They are wonderful! asked about the sizes for the Now or Later quilt.   The background squares are 2-1/2" and the colored rectangles are 2-1/2"x 4-1/2"  

I guess that is all for this morning.  I need to get my day started...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it must have been so nice to quilt one of your own quilts! you should plan to do one of yours every time you have done one or two customer quilts to take a break and then do one of your own. We woke up to a little bit of snow this morning the first this year but it doesn't even cover all the grass.

Panto Pam said...

Good for you for getting one of YOUR quilts on your frame! It is so pretty! I have several of my own I need to do, but first, I need to get the charity quilt done that I've had loaded on my frame since before Thanksgiving. I don't like driving in ice either, sounds like you've got a good quilting day ahead of you today!

---"Love" said...

This quilt of yours is very pretty, and I love the bright colors! I'm not very computer savvy, and I have no idea why you can't reply to my comments, but if you will click on my name, it should take you to my blog, where you will find my e-mail address in my profile.
A friend gave me a gift certificate for Christmas from my favorite quilt shop. I think I know how I'll spend it; for that pineapple ruler, probably! Hope all your gang stays safe until the ice is gone. Have fun doing your own quilts more often! ---"Love"