Friday, January 19, 2018

I Absolutely LOVE Scraps!!!!

 I love scraps!  I enjoy working with scraps more than a controlled set of fabrics.  I'm always afraid that I am going to mess up and not have enough of what I need.  I don't think I could ever get enough scraps!  For the couple of you that have sent me scraps, please know that I enjoy them more than anything.  I get so excited when digging through them. 

 I did get a little bit of sewing done yesterday.  Not a whole lot but a little.  :)  First, I straightened up my sewing room and then I hated to get a bunch of stuff out and make a mess so I just worked on what I had nearby. 
 I actually got 3 of these pieced.  I had a couple of them on my design wall for a long time.  These are made with 2" squares.  If you notice most of my quilts are made with scraps!  I just love them!

I now have 5 of these 12" blocks.  To make a quilt that is 96x96, I will need 64 of them.  It is very doable, it will just take me a little while.  I have a basket of 2" squares sitting beside my machine so they are easy to grab.  
 I also pieced a few of these Windmills.  These are fast and fun!  It takes longer to cut them out than it does to sew them together.  LOL!  Again....more scraps!  I just love them!
 After pressing, I counted and added them to my pile.  I now have exactly 300 of them!!!!  I need 528 to make the size quilt that I want.  Sooo...that's 228 more to go!  I do think that this will be my constant leader and ender project until it is finished.  I will need to cut more of them soon.  These also stay in a little basket beside my machine. 
 Most of my quilts are made from scraps and I just love them.  I began sewing with my mom's scraps and just fell in love with them.  Then when I started buying my own fabrics I would buy something like a 1/4 yard to give me more of a selection because at the time I was a single mother and didn't have a lot of extra money to spend.  

Anyway....enough about scraps, I guess.  I still haven't left the house and Hunter has been out of school all week.  Richard is the only one that is getting in and out of this holler.  I'm just not brave enough to drive off the hill.  Richard is off work this weekend so he is taking me to the grocery store this morning and running errands with me.  :)  I'm sure he is going to love that but he doesn't want me driving either.  It is supposed to warm up this weekend so I'm hoping all of this will melt.  


Panto Pam said...

Scrap quilts are the BEST quilts! Love seeing the projects you are working on. I finally had a few minutes to myself last night and cut another clue for Bonnie's mystery quilt. I have had the grandsons all week due to snow. It's warming up here also and I will sew this weekend!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I too love scrap quilts and use a lot of them - I also like the new fabric and reproduction fabrics - sometimes what I do is by a reproduction bundle and then go through the fabric shelves and find what seems to do with it well and put it all in a box to use in a new quilt that way I am using old with new and do not run out because it is still a very scrappy quilt - that is what I am doing now with the Hertfordshire Quilt

Janet O. said...

Your scrap quilts always look so cozy and inviting. Makes me wish I was the one making them.
Hope the thaw comes as forecast!