Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Project Off My List!

Not alot of sewing going on here today. I spent most of the morning trying to round up my chickens. If you look close in photo below you will see a couple of hawks! There were about 7 of them hanging around trying to catch my chickens. I finally got all of the chickens put up in the coop and then the hawks left! I guess that is just part of living in the country!

I did manage to get my 2 throws embroidered for Hunter's teachers. So all of the gifts are ready for Hunter's Valentine's Party at school. I really need to clean my sewing area up before I do anymore sewing. Today when I was sitting there doing this, I had things falling off of the table!
I think tomorrow I will work on one of my BOM's. It has 4 blocks in it for this month. And then I want to practice some machine applique before I actually start sewing my pieces down on my Baltimore Blues blocks. At least that is the plan, but nothing usually happens that way.

They are calling for snow and ice here tonight. The news said it should start around 8pm. It's 9pm and there is nothing! The snow I want it's the ice I could do without!! I would just like to get enough for the boys to be able to get out and play in it. The roads do make me nervous when it snows, so I usually just stay home until it melts off.

I have some laundry in right now, so I think I will clean up my sewing area while I'm waiting for it to finish! I have to get Richard up at midnight for work, call my mom at 3:30am to make sure she gets up (she said her alarm is not working very well), then call my sister to get her up for work at 6am (she has 4 alarm clocks, but can't hear them!!!), and last...I get the boys up at 6:30am for school! After they leave, I do my morning feeding, clean the house and then have some "me time" at least until it is time to start dinner.

OMG!!! I just saw on the tv that they cancelled school for tomorrow and it hasn't even snowed!!!


Amelia said...

As always, you have plenty of things going on to keep you busy.

With no school the boys will enjoy staying home..but with the school being closed for so many "snow" days...they won't get out of school until middle of June.

Hazel said...

Your such a busy girl how do you do it all .

Lindah said...

When do you sleep?!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You have such a full life. It's a wonder you can keep up with it all and still find time to do all that beautiful quilting. I'd be taking a nap after all the stuff you do all night.....ahahahah....
Regina in MI

Moneik said...

Wow, You're going to wear yourself out! Glad to hear you got the throws done.

Guðrún said...

Did you sleep? I don´t know when you should have time to do that.