Thursday, February 14, 2008

What A Day!!!

This has been a long day!!! First off, Andrew tried to get on the internet this morning to check his My Space and we had no internet connection. Now since I live in the sticks we do not have high speed internet we have dial-up, I just have a seperate phone line for the computer. So we tried for a while then I called the phone company, they said they would fill out a work order and have someone out here to check it in a couple of days. So when I told Andrew that, I thought the poor child would pass out! He is used to using the computer alot.

So the day went on, and Richard called around 1pm, talked to him for a few minutes. Then about 15 minutes later, I pick up the phone to call my mom and there was no dial tone! So now, my regular house phone was not working. So when Richard got home he started working around with the lines and the weird thing is. I had no internet and no regular house phone, but he hooked the house phone up the the internet phone line and it worked perfect! Now how odd is that. So around 6pm the house phone line started working and around 10pm my internet started working.

And I know this is not at all related to my phone problems but now my satellite is not working!!! It just says "NO SIGNAL" I could scream!!!! I guess I will be calling the satellite company in the morning to try to have that fixed.

So that has been my day!!!! But I did actually work on my applique block this evening! I had plenty of time, with no internet and no satellite! Hopefully, I will get caught up on everyone's blogs this weekend!!!


Jen said...

Talk about frustrating!!! I get such a kick out of your schools being closed for 1 inch!! Is that why they start so early??

Cindy said...

My goodness! Hope things get ironed out soon. We are having SNOW! About eight inches so far and it's still snowing! We are supposed to head down to my mom's in the morning, probably very slowly. Then another storm Monday for the trip home! Sheesh! :0)

Gina said...

Gemma's the same with the internet aswell. If she's not allowed on the internet as a punishment then it's as if her world has collapsed. Mind you Mal's the same if the TV plays up and he can't watch the soccer.

love and hugs xxx

Amelia said...

When those things are off you feel like you are shut off from the rest of the world - or at leasst I do.

Hopefully today will be great.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

My kids would think it was Heaven if they got snow days!
I haven't commented for a while...I love your Bargello, it turned out great, the quilt the bloggers made you is fabulous...I am glad you got a second opinion but if you have to have it, you may as well bite the bullet and get it over...I am sure you will feel much better when you know those tumours are gone.
Stay warm, Tracey

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sometimes it just seems like it will never end, huh? I spent the last couple of days working on hubbys computer and daughters computer. They don't listen well and frequently screw them up. Both have viruses. We'll see if they work at all when I get

Moneik said...

Wow, if it's not one thing it's another. I can't stand to be away from mine for very long. I feel so cut off from the rest of the world.

Michele said...

We're just glad you're back online.