Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have I Lost My Mind?????

Alot of you all know that I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) One of my quirks is CATS! Now I will be honest with you, I haven't touched a cat in probably 20 years. When I was a very little girl I had several cats of my own and they did not bother me at that time. Things happen and people change. I live on a farm and sometimes have to do some really gross things with some of the animals when they get sick or whatever.

I have noticed over that past several months that alot of people on these blogs have cats. While I always think they are so pretty and loving, I always wonder how I would react to touch one. The thought of touching one made it hard to breathe and my heart would race.

Last week Hunter asked if he could have a kitten. I instantly said NO, and he cried. That broke my heart. I remembered all of the fun times that I had as a child playing with mine. So I sat him down to talk to him. My question was...we have horses, a mule, pigs, chickens, and dogs, why do you need a cat? Well, his only answer was that he just wanted one. So this has been on my mind ever since. So this evening, I started looking on the internet at our local animal shelter. They have several cats, but he wanted a kitten. The cost is $25 for a male and $40 for a female. They have had their shots and have been spayed or neutered. I discussed it with Richard and he said "You know that I will never tell you no about anything like that, but don't get one if you can't touch it." So, I sat here thinking about it. Now don't laugh, but I called a friend that lives about 3 miles away that has a cat. They know how I am and they laughed when I said "I was just wondering if I could come over and pet your cat" I guess I should have explained it better first. Anyway, a quick trip to their house and I sat there for a while before I could touch it. Then after about 20 minutes...I DID IT!!! (but very quickly ) :)

I came staight home and called the warden at the shelter (he is a friend of Richards) he said they still had the kitten that Hunter had picked out so I guess we will pick it up after his doctor's appointment in the morning.

Here is the photo that I got from the website of the kitten that Hunter will be getting.

Oh and here is the funniest part, he has already named him.....DONKEY!!!!


Amelia said...


I have three cats...and people tell me they can't smell anything in my house. I have two litter boxes that I clean daily. Cats - for the most part - are lovable. My three all have different personalities - just like people. If Donkey is going to be an inside cat completely...get him declawed in the front. Cats like to scratch and your furniture will suffer. If he is going outside - gotta leave the nails on (for his protection to climb trees.)Just take time getting to know him - and I just betcha you will come around...I have two close friends that had the same feelings about cats..but know they think cats are special furry friends.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on petting the cat! I'm sure "Donkey" will become a part of the family in a short time. I started reading your blog from the beginning and began to recognize some of the towns you have mentioned. I have a nephew and his wife that live in Blaine and my other nephew lives at Yatesville. I live about 45 minutes away in WV, near Williamson. It's nice to see someone from the blogs that I read, that is so close to home. You have a great blog. Keep up the good work!

Luv to quilt said...

Love your Blog found it thru Jen's Blog . You going to love Donkey.
As the mother of 5 grown children and grandma to to 3 wonderful grandsons and one grand kitten .I understand how it broke your heart to say no .I never could say No to an animal.
I still have 2 dogs from not saying no to my kids. Boy do I love them too .I baby sit my grand kitten Willow every weekend and want to keep him too.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I have to give you credit for doing what you did. I think kittens are adorable, do I want one, no. Will I ever have one of my own, no. I'm allergic to cats but that wouldn't stop me if I really wanted one. I'm a dog person and always will be. My best friend has a cat and I can honestly say in all the years we've been friends you can't tell in her house that she has a cat. Her cat has a shampoo fettish and he has asthma. We relate to each other and get along just fine but he lives there and I live here. I love the name Hunter picked out, Donkey how cute is that?

Jen said...

OMG, that is SOOOOO funny. I how wierd that you can touch all of these other animals but were fearful of cats. =( I'm glad you went to your friends to give it a try. This is awesome for you that you that you overcame this! Hunter is going to be sooooo thrilled tomorrow. I think it's hilarious that he named him Donkey!! We call Holly; Donkey ever once in a while...I think that was the funniest name out of Shrek. Of course you'll love Donkey because it's a "mini jim" in a way.

Hey, you haven't mentioned Dear Ida latley.....

Carol Van Rooy said...

I so happy for Hunter. He will be trilled to death.

Gina said...

Well done you for petting the cat. It's amazing what we mothers will go through just to please our kids. Just take it easy and you and donkey will get on fine.

love and hugs xxx

Andrea said...

We have a pet lizard because I couldn't say no to my daughter. I hate snakes and things and said I would never touch him. BUT - you know what I did and he is not cold and slimy like I thought but soft and warm like velvet. I love him. We also have 3 cats - sort of aquired by accident and they are fantastic. We will always have cats now. Good for you !

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Well done you! We used to have a cat, but as 2 out of 4 of us are terribly allergic we can't have one... :o(
I think it's great you are getting one and that you decided to get one as a and it and you can grow together. It just might be the thing you need. If all else fails...don't think of it as a cat...think of it as a that's its name after all! Best of luck!

Quilting Pirate said...

ahhhhh Donkey is adorable! Keep in mind cats love quilting - fabric. :D

It's funny what we will do for our kids to smile and be happy. You will have some rough spots, but remember you did it for love and I bet you and Donkey will become real good friends :D

Anonymous said...

Kristie, congrats on petting a cat. I know that must have been very difficult for you but just think 'You did it!'. Hunter will love Donkey and she/he is adorable. Just a FYI - cats LOVE helping you quilt... so be prepared. Mine are always in the sewing room with me and on top of fabric or batting or a quilt 'testing' them out!

Moneik said...

Kristie I'm so proud of you for overcoming your fear. Hunter is going to be one happy boy with his new kitten. They are easier to train as kittens too. Good luck and have fun with the new addition to your family.

Bethany said...


I'm SO proud of you!! You'll come to love Donkey soon. Just watch him around your sewing machine. The needle going up and down is fascinating for a cat. Mine tried to stick his paws in a couple of times.

Even if you really never touch Donkey again, Hunter will love him!