Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay, I am irked!!!

I sat here tonight thinking about my weekend sewing. I decided that I wanted to get my Sampler block out of the way before the weekend. Everyone was in bed, except for me so I had plenty of quiet time to concentrate and do this dreaded block. Now as I said before this quilt and block are not even hard, I just don't like doing it and that makes it harder to finish. But I AM determined to finish it. As I said earlier, I cut this block out yesterday and screwed it up, so it needed to be recut today. I cut it out and happily sat down to sew. And guess what.....I CUT AND SEWED THE DARN THING WRONG AGAIN!!!! Now if this were complicated I would understand, but I have never in my life screwed one up this many times!

This block measures 12x38 so it is not your normal size block, but it is an easy one. I think I can still use about half of it, so I will have to recut the other half. I don't like it so that is why I can't concentrate on it. But I promise I will finish this top before the month is over! I will not let this thing get the best of me!!!


Gina said...

I'm the same, if I'm doing something I don't like I always stuff it up aswell. It's definitely all in the mind. How about finding someone to give the quilt to and concentrating on them instead of the quilt. That always helps for me.

love and hugs xxx

Moneik said...

OH that would be so frustrating. I wouldn't give up yet though. Keep trudging through and you'll make it! WE have faith that you can make it right and having it done this month.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You can do it! Third time is a charm, or so I hear. Hang in there!

Norma said...

I think that quilt block is trying to tell you something.....and I am so proud of your "gonna do this or else" way of thinking. Let it be "woman wins over fabric"!!! Good luck!

Guðrún said...

Arrrgg, I think I would throw it away I am not very patient.

Jen said...

I tell you, we could switch UFO's. You could have my Ugly (I mean stunningly beautiful) Harvest Spice Monstrosity (oh I mean wonderful quilt top).